$3,000,000 $2,550,000USD


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Yacht For Sale Schaefer 660 Build 2021

About the Schaefer 660 Pininfarina Yacht

The Schaefer 660 impresses with its innovation, design and sophistication. 

The two new fold-out side balconies provide a 25% increase in cockpit entertainment space. Four staterooms along with three full heads and a private entrance to the master suite ensure great comfort for the owner and all guests. The expansive single-level main deck and countless other novelties make the new Schaefer 660 intriguing to even the most savvy boaters.

More design for your days on board

Designed entirely by SCHAEFER’s engineering team, the platform submerges 2 feet below the waterline and can lift up to 800kg, perfect for a Jetski or a tender. A boarding ladder is elegantly integrated into the platform and emerges to assist you to safely get back onto the boat. Details that provide comfort and elegance for your days on the water.


Yacht for Sale: Schaefer 660 Pininfarina 66'
$ 2,550,000
  • Build Year:
  • Maximum Length:
    20.12m (66')
  • Hull Length Including Transom Platform: 19.54m (64'1")
  • Max Beam (Including Guardrails): 5.05M (16.6')
  • Maximum Draft: 1.47m (4.8ft)
  • Light Displacement: 28,100 kg (61,949 lbss)
  • V Angle at the Stern: 17 Degrees
  • Fuel Capacity: 2600L (634 Gal)
  • FreshWater Capacity: 850L (192 Gal)
  • Maximum Capacity: 18
  • Capacity / Night: 8 + 2
  • Designer: Marcio Schaefer
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