Rent a Private Luxury Yacht

A sailboat charter tour or a Private Yacht Rent tour around Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos or Miami offers the perfect opportunity to live out an unforgettable yacht cruising trip. In case you’re looking for an adventure for your family or friends, or you’re tired from the routine, things like the sun, the sand, the beach and a good cocktail is for you.

In case your dream is having the best party ever, you definitely must rent a yacht in Miami Beach or do you like more the wilder party side you have to rent a boat in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Both are places are superb places to rent yachts and make those hot, sunny dreams come true.

Luxury Yacht Rent

At Yachts.Rentals we offer you two rental options; you can opt in for a yacht charter with a licensed crew and captain or simply rent a boat only, even without experience navigating. Chartering a private yacht gives you the option to explore the around in privacy and at your own space.


Reasons Choosing Yachts. Rent a Private Yacht


Charter a Yacht with Captain

A popular choice, both among experienced owners of private yacht charters and those without a boat license, is to rent a yacht with a captain to take the stress out of the holiday. Despite your past navigation history, having someone on board who knows the area very well is always a great asset. With a captain watching the yacht, your holiday can be more relaxing, because you can partake in off-boat activities.

With a professional on deck, you should book an extended trip to freely explore the area in your luxury, exclusive yacht. Keep in mind that yacht charter trips for shorter periods or even 2-hour tours are almost not available.

Rental a Private Yacht with a full crew

When you haven’t a license for navigating and are looking for a complete experience in Miami Beach or Los Cabos, you have to charter yacht with full crew, including skipper, cook, hostess and even a trained instructor to show you the knots, should you fancy to steer the vessel from time to time.


Rent a Private Yacht for your Vacations or Events in Cabo San Lucas

Unique Familiar Vacation on a Yacht

Cabo San Lucas

Our sailing holidays allow you to discover and experience life on a boat aboard exclusive gullets and sailing boats. Furthermore, thanks to our boat trips you will be able to discover hidden and uncontaminated paradises, in total safety and tranquility.

For more info, WhatsApp Cabo San Lucas Mexico: +1 (786) 498-5436

Cabo Yacht Rentals - Rent a Yacht in Cabo
Make a Party or a Reunion on a Private Yacht in Miami Beach

Vacations Funny with Your Friends

Miami Beach

Our boats are equipped with all the necessary services to live an authentic sea experience, without having to give up comfort and relaxation. So, although a little spirit of adaptation is needed to be able to take a holiday on a boat.

For more info, WhatsApp Miami Beach USA: +1 (786) 498-5436


Rental Information

Several reliable and experienced yacht rentals companies like Cabo VIP Yacht Rentals and Yachts.Rentals rent their yachts and offer the services including a captain, fresh meals onboard and drinks to ensure a first-class experience. All yacht charters start from the Iggy Marina and port Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos and Bentley Bay Marina at Miami Beach and can be booked for a private activity like rental of a private yacht for snorkeling tours, swimming, sunset tours, whale watching (only Cabo San Lucas) and diving.

Also, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo (Los Cabos) have activities like fishing tours, Sport Fishing and the Bisbee’s Tournament in Cabo San Lucas, where competitors from around the world, travel to the fertile Sea of ​​Cortez for a jackpot of $10,000,000USD.

Suggestions before Rent a Yacht

  • Check the weather conditions before renting a yacht, because when the weather is unsuitable, it is recommended to wait rather than have a bad yacht charter experience. In case you have a skipper, leave the responsibility to him/her.
  • Being comfortable clothes for the yacht rentals trip. It can be hot during the day, but nights in the water can quickly turn chilly. So be sure to bring a jacket.
  • Wear comfortable flat shoes or rubber shoes with flat soles. Dark soled sneakers will dirty the deck.
  • Do not walk barefoot as the movement of the yacht may result in injury.
  • Pack all your stuff in a flexible bag and not in a suitcase to allow for better flexibility in the cabin area.
  • Never throw anything in the water, as water pollution is serious and dangerous.
  • In case you bring kids on board, they are your sole responsibility. Make sure there are proper fitting life vests for them when needed.

When you plan on spending some time out on the water, you would not like to leave anything behind, here are some essentials.

  • Wide-brimmed Hat: The sun can be quite strong. You will be glad to have this addition in your bag.
  • Motion sickness pills: Even if you don’t get affected, your co-passenger might. There are many styles available in the market, so carry one that works best for you.
  • Hand sanitizer: After a day out on the yacht handling anything from bait to fish, it is nice to have something to clean up afterwards
  • Sunglasses: Carry one with the eye protection
  • Non-perishable snacks: Anything from crackers to granola bars that won’t melt in the heat will be a great way to keep you going if you get hungry.
  • Sunscreen: There will hardly be any place to take shelter from the sun on the open sea, so ensure you have adequate protection from the sun rays.
  • Sweatshirt: The weather on the water can turn for the worse at any time. When there is a sudden nip in the air, a sweatshirt will safeguard you if a breeze does come.
  • Water: Carry enough water on the yacht for the entire duration of your trip for every person on board.
  • Boat License: Stay informed about restrictions on your license, such as the type of boat you can drive and the speed.
  • Change of clothes: Keep some in a zip lock bag when you want to slip into something dry midway.

Safety rules on board on a Rental Private Yacht 

While rental a private yacht in Cabo San Lucas without a license is a lot of fun, there are some golden rules to follow to make the most of your trip.

  • Never drink and navigate the boat
  • Do not navigate close to swimmers
  • Navigate within suggested speeds and never on full throttle
  • Always return to the agreed time.
  • Take heed of weather conditions and rocky areas
  • Keep your phone fully charged with an internet connection
  • Do not steer within 200 m of any beach
  • Do not navigate in the main Santorini port
  • Always keep a sharp lookout for where you are going.

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What Customer Say

"We stayed here for a long weekend and was very impressed with the yacht we rent, captain Jack was very friendly and couldn’t do enough for us. The sea food was delicious and in one of my gigantic delicious oisters I found an increddible and most beautiful ring with a huge rock I could ever imagine, while my future husband Rick proposed me on his knees. One of the best days of my life..."
Naomi García
May 20, 2021