Marriage Proposals on a Private Luxury Yacht

Have you thought about this special person for a long time and do you believe it is time for the next step? A private luxury yacht for a marriage proposal is the perfect way to make this occasion become reality and truly memorable.

Can you fantasize about the crystal-clear ocean under the blue moon and a delicious dinner with your favorite drink and of course with your favorite person? We can make your dreams come true, that’s why we recommend traveling to Cabo in Mexico if you want something exotic; Or if you prefer something more luxury, Miami Beach and visiting “SoBe” is always a great idea.

Imagine. The ocean, the sea breeze, the sun, your favorite playlist and both on a yacht at sunset and you ask the question. The perfect, romantic and magical moment. You had to wait for the right moment, right? We know that it is not easy after all that you have lived together, the time, the words, the bad things and the good moments. You two have had many experiences together, but now you both know that it is time to be more formal.

Planning a Marriage Proposal on a Yacht

You’ll need help planning with the magic, but don’t worry, we’re here so you don’t have to worry about anything. We have everything you need, the flowers, the message, the Champagne the privacy and the environment. Do you want a plane or a helicopter for leaving? No problem.


Reasons Choosing Yachts.Rentals for Marriage Proposal


About Marriage Proposal in Cabo

We want your day to be the best and you can show off in front of your friends, family and why not? maybe children and grandchildren. Your partner will be so surprised that it will be an unforgettable day in the sea. Take a break from the routine and visit Cabo in Mexico. Reserve a room and enjoy a romantic first night near the Sea of Cortez or the Pacific Ocean.

A marine phenomenon occurs from December to February on the beach. The migration of gray whales. That is why it is very common to observe them swimming with their babies. Also, you can visit Cabo Plumo National Park, one of only three remaining living reefs in all of North America.

Marriage Proposal on a Yacht on the Sea of Cortez

If you love nature, Cabo is the perfect place, because you can dive into the Sea of ​​Cortez and see the golden and green coral and meet stingrays and turtles. Cabo Plumo has the largest turtle protection camp in all of Mexico. in addition, you can be part of the turtle birth with your couple.

Rent a Yacht for a Marriage Proposal

Unique Wedding Proposals

Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabos is an area that includes the cities of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, in addition to the area that connects them called: El Corredor. Also, it is one of the most romantic places to ask for marriage that you can imagine.

For more info, WhatsApp Cabo San Lucas Mexico: +1 (786) 498-5436

Marriage Proposal on a Yacht in Miami

Romantic Wedding Proposal Ideas

Miami South Beach

Due to the incredible weather throughout the WHOLE year, you will find many incredible outdoor venues to propose marriage in Miami. But imagine you and your future bride on a private luxury yacht in the bay of Miami Beach.

For more info, WhatsApp Miami Beach USA: +1 (786) 498-5436


About Marriage Proposal in Miami

Miami is famous for its sun, sand, nightlife, and glamorous restaurants; but do you know all the activities than this city has prepared for you and your couple? Let’s start.

The first thing to make your proposal is the obligatory question: What does my partner like? The marine life? Well, in this case, you shall to visit the Miami Seaquarium, the place where Flipper became an icon.

Marriage Proposal in Miami on a Yacht or Onshore?

The Aquarium has shows with dolphins, killer whales, seals, turtles, sea lions and the famous endangered sea cow. Can you imagine a dolphin with a wedding ring? Crazy, but possible and original. And then navigate with your fresh future bride or future broom to the Florida Keys on a private luxury yacht…

Is art better? Miami has everything from Art Deco-style buildings to one of the city’s many museums. Begin your romantic love story between the genius of great American artists, art galleries and museums specializing in their favorite subjects. Your new life begins in front of the eyes of the greatest authors of our time.

And finally, you are right, the way, the ideas, the romance, the beautiful places and the perfect witnesses. The only thing missing is the courage to make the decision. But don’t be nervous! Prepare the camera and enjoy for the beginning of your new life. the best is yet to come, we promise.

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What Customer Say

"We stayed here for a long weekend and was very impressed with the yacht we rent, captain Jack was very friendly and couldn’t do enough for us. The sea food was delicious and in one of my gigantic delicious oisters I found an increddible and most beautiful ring with a huge rock I could ever imagine, while my future husband Rick proposed me on his knees. One of the best days of my life..."
Naomi García
May 20, 2021