Corporate Meetings on a Private Yacht

Meeting rooms are perhaps the place where business meetings’ success usually ends. Closing deals is the most important thing in the end, but over time, the meeting room is the same boring room with four walls. You are in need for a change of scenery and feel relaxed and proud after the chaos of R&D, sit down and convince your customer with the ideal environment. In addition, having a business meeting or corporate event on a yacht charter with future customers and/or investors, you have to give the best impression during your project presentation. A luxury private yacht is the  best option to confront this challenge in your next corporate meeting on a yacht.

Renting a private yacht charter for business meetings and corporate events are catching up with entrepreneurs, for many reasons. All of our private yachts include first class service with a full crew and five-star restaurant kitchen services. We have the facilities and are more than willing to help you organize your corporate events on yachts. Conference rooms and auditoria with the latest technology dedicated to your company events.

“When you host an event at sea, you really get to praise your brand,”

Dondra Ritzenthaler, Celebrity Cruises.


Reasons Choosing Yachts.Rentals as Corporate Event Planner


Productive Meeting on a Private Yacht

Unique Experience During Reunion

Corporate Meetings in Miami

The combination may not be obvious, but it is unique: corporate meetings on a yacht or private boat.  Your business is significant.  Not on any private yacht, of course, but on one of our specially equipped yachts for corporate meetings.

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Corporate Team Building Activities on a Private Yacht

Rally on a Yacht with your Associate

Meetings in Los Cabos

The enclosed space below deck ensures that you can meet undisturbed and without distraction and have a perfect business meeting on a private yacht. The location, which is different from traditional meeting locations, also ensures that everyone is in a different mood.

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When you charter a luxury yacht, you can enjoy maximum privacy

Some companies need more privacy than others, that’s true. But the truth is, it doesn’t matter what type of business you have; You need to talk with confidence to customers and executives and of course close your deal with privacy. This is the utmost importance when having your  and want to close a deal on a private yacht. And you can be sure, the privacy offered on a yacht in the middle of the sea is incomparable to the traditional meeting room.

Imagine that you are checking confidential data that cannot be filtered, or you are checking private numbers that you do not want to share with third parties, except with specific members. Things like corporate brainstorming should also be confidential, especially if you have strong competitors aside in the market.

At Yachts.Rentals we know that your investment and investors have value, and this is the key to importance and success for us. That is why we want you to feel safe, confident and comfortable in your corporate meetings on a yacht. You can choose to take the helm with your license or better, we can offer you a luxury yacht with a discreet crew on board. Having the relevant people on board can help you get the privacy you need. The only people on board your private yacht are the people you need to work with and a small crew.

The attention you and your guests get at the right time and right moment

There are many things that can interrupt a business meeting in a standard meeting room, but if we are talking about a company and a luxury yacht; all distraction disappears when you enter on our private rooms. You can focus on business and give your full attention to the tasks ahead. There is no other sound than the silent sound of the sea and the waves. No more distractions in your corporate meetings for four, five or six hours. The ones you need in your quiet and personalized yacht, are focused specially on you and your business.

The yacht including the luxury

Traveling always feels like a luxury, but on a private yacht, you can be sure it is a more than a luxury. If you have invited someone on a business trip, they will feel that they are treated like kings, as if they were a guest at home. If you have to meet with your customers or partners, having a private luxury yacht is a unique advantage, and won’t happen anytime.

Your guests will realize that wasting time is not your thing and that you are serious about your business. This is why you are making the corporate meetings on a of a yacht and the comfort it can offer you speak highly of yourselves as a trusted business partner.

"To the people who attend a meeting on your private luxury yacht charter, you are selling the product itself, all the possibilities that a leisure cruise offers, in addition to the professional event itself."

Fernando Sagaseta, director of the specialized publication Meet-In

What means to rent a yacht in the Business World?

Usually, yacht agencies provide you with pre-arranged packages for other occasions, such as birthdays, which you must choose from. However, we offer you a personalized experience. Set the level of luxury you want; with the accessories you need, and pay only for what you need. In addition, you can request an all-inclusive yacht for your corporate meetings, so you will know how much you have to pay before, during and after your experience.

Doing a deal, signing a contract or simply talking about your business on a private yacht is something really innovative, known in Europe as «Creating a new business model». The possibilities are endless. Prestigious speakers can be invited to speak and share, then deliberate on board individually with meeting attendees or during lunches or dinners. Definitely, this is the way from make business in the new decade. And this is just the beginning.

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What Customer Say

"We stayed here for a long weekend and was very impressed with the yacht we rent, captain Jack was very friendly and couldn’t do enough for us. The sea food was delicious and in one of my gigantic delicious oisters I found an increddible and most beautiful ring with a huge rock I could ever imagine, while my future husband Rick proposed me on his knees. One of the best days of my life..."
Naomi García
May 20, 2021