Bachelor & Bachelorette Party


The countdown towards your wedding has started, and now the last moments as being single are over. But your last party as a Bachelor or bachelorette has to be celebrated in great style of course.  Now you have to organize the best last party of the whole story before the wedding. How? You don’t want to make the same parties as everyone.

Bachelor Party Yacht Rental Option

You don’t have to break your head brainstorming and search for something special, because here is your solution: A Bachelor or Bachelorette party on a private luxury yacht.

Friends are your moral support, and those photos taken are a momentary captures and recollections of that indelible exceptional bachelor party onboard of that private luxury yacht. There will be ineffaceable photographs that capture the last moments of freedom as a bachelor.

Is a Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Really Necessary?

Of course, yes. You’have to be sure these images tell a story, such as the night of the bachelor party. Because yes, it’s important to have one to remove the stress of those who are celebrated as if it were the last night of your life in liberty. Although lately the Bachelor and Bachelorette party has adapted for all tastes, its people without a clear idea.

If you still are thinking about it, a private and luxury  party on a yacht is the best option for the Bachelor & Bachelorette party. You are going to spend the necessary, in your favorite things, and in company of  guests selective. A bachelor party on board a private yacht in the middle of the sea, it’s always a total experience. It doesn’t matter if you want a captain, or you rent your luxury yacht without one.


Reasons Choosing Yachts.Rentals for Bachelor & Bachelorette party


Bachelor Party

When we talk about a Bachelor party, a lot of people think of crazy nights, strippers, and the recipe for disaster. But for many people, a Bachelor party is everything that the groom loves, such as fishing, music, the sea and obviously the closest friends. We know that each groom is unique and singular, so you need someone to help you with a Bachelor party made specifically for your special guest. The type of boarding may vary depending on the personality and interests of the groom.

Bachelor Party with DJ on a Private Yacht

Jointly with your best man and closest friends you are embarking on an adventure on a luxury yacht including all the excitement without losing the elegance. Ask for a DJ playing your songs and enjoy celebrate it in style with your friends; The last night of being single, but always remember: the Bachelor party is dedicated to the taste of the guests of the man of honor.


A Memorable Bachelorette Party

Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabos is an area that includes the cities of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, in addition to the area that connects them called: El Corredor. Also, it is one of the most romantic places to ask for marriage that you can imagine.

For more info, WhatsApp Cabo San Lucas Mexico: +1 (786) 498-5436


The Best Last Night of the Bachelor

Miami South Beach

Take your brother or best friend direct to Miami Beach, or take a ride down Millionaire’s Rows in Miami on an all-inclusive to celebrate the bachelor party of the broom. You can share an evening of entertainment in style on a private luxury yacht in Miami.

For more info, WhatsApp Miami Beach USA: +1 (786) 498-5436


Bachelorette Party

At this point, a lot of the wedding stuff needs to be organized, and your best friend must be nervous. Although of course the surprise factor is very important, it is also necessary to take into account the character of the bride. If she is discreet enough and does not like fanfare, or on the contrary, she loves to enjoy the unforgettable experience to the fullest.

Bachelorette Party Planning

Even when you are planning the event, we also want you to relax. That’s why if you have an idea on how to organize the Bachelorette party theme, you just have to say so. We will decorate your private yacht the way you want to have it. Your only job is to sit down and relax and enjoy start sign.

Remember to prioritize the tastes of the future bride for decoration, food and drinks, which we will take care of. You only have to worry about the happiness of the future bride. She is starting a new stage in her life, and you will be there for her at any moment, starting with this last party.

Where is a Bachelor & Bachelorette party better?

Finding the ideal location is crucial in planning a Bachelor party. You can feel the nightlife of South Beach in Miami, or spend a weekend in Mexico on the hot beaches and blue waters of Cabo San LucasLa Paz or Cancun. Just imagine the sun in your face and the sound of the waves of the ocean in the background. You can be sure that both are one step closer to the goal you want to achieve.

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What Customer Say

"We stayed here for a long weekend and was very impressed with the yacht we rent, captain Jack was very friendly and couldn’t do enough for us. The sea food was delicious and in one of my gigantic delicious oisters I found an increddible and most beautiful ring with a huge rock I could ever imagine, while my future husband Rick proposed me on his knees. One of the best days of my life..."
Naomi García
May 20, 2021