Oceanus Sunset Mexican Dinner Cruise Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Enjoy a perfect ending to your day in Cabo San Lucas. The sunset Mexican dinner cruise sails from Cabo San Lucas to the Pacific side. Stop by the bar for cocktails and enjoy the upper or lower deck. See the beauty of Lover’s beach and the famous arch of Cabo San Lucas.

Activities During Sunset Tour Cabo San Lucas

In your trip around Cabo, you need to close the perfect evening with a flourish

You can also see the many famous luxury hotels spotted along the coast. You may be moved to grab a partner and dance. The Mexican dinner is delicious, and always fun to meet people from around the world. Within this activity, don’t forget to watch the sunset.

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  • Sunset Cruise Departs at 17:00
  • Sunset Cruise Returns at 19:00
  • Summertime Sunset Cruise from 18:00 to 20:00
  • Meeting point for sunset tour in Cabo San Lucas Maindock #4
  • Price for Sunset Tour is $60USD.