My Sportfishing Trip in Los Cabos

The new fishermen, like me, frequently are very excited about the first open day at the fishing. We take the best sportfishing rental charter possible and go out. Searching for emotions that only the ocean can give us. At the morning, the air that you breathe is cleanest, like if the freedom enter in your body. I can hear the sound of the waters broke in the coast and the fishermen than start to wake up with the sun. Today I will take a fishing rental charter and when I back at the port, I will be a different person.

Day 1: Let’s go to Make Sportfishing

We have been prepared for this trip and rested a lot, and now it is time for the big moment to go fishing! The sport fishing charter gets out among 6 and 7 am. The first stop is Bahia de Los Frailes, 70-miles up the coast from Cabo San Lucas in route to Cabo Pulmo, a famous marine reserve and sportfishing spot in our rent charter.

Fishing Charter Rental Service

It’s time to bring in the reels and enjoy a little extra time on the water. “Captain, let’s go explore” is something of what I to hear at this point. The weather is perfect, the morning is sunny and quietly, ideal for the fishing, this is the moment of the truth. The good company of the captain and their crew up the mood. We can brand new the Sportfishing season in Cabo San Lucas, one of much of them. Captain give us many options to start, we can stay in the Sea of Cortes or navigate a little and go to the Pacific Ocean.

The first day, I was witless for the morning until I take the fishing rental charter. After that, my ideas were clarified thanks to the water and the sound of the waves. It’s not just take fishes of the water, also is enjoyed the harmony with the internal nature. Succeeding a hard fishing day, I’m tired, but finally, we get a Yellowfin Tuna.


A large galley and full-size fridge will allow us to serve up breakfast, lunch and dinner during the trip on board the rental charter. Even have a grill we set up on the deck to do nightly BBQs under the stars. But just because the sun has set doesn’t mean the fishing needs to stop. Baja has to offer an awesome nighttime fishing opportunities, including massive Grouper, Snapper, Swordfish. We enjoy the dinner, and get another good night’s rest.

Day 2: Learning the Fishing Life

This is the second morning on board the fishing rent charter, the bed was so comfortable than I slept like a baby. The next sport fishing area is Bahia de los Suenos or the Bay of Dreams. The rental charter will take us without problem from Los Frailes to Bahia de los Suenos. Once arrived, we understand why is in the itinerary. This beautiful little bay is one of the most coveted areas of the Southern Baja. It’s due to its natural beauty, rich reefs, and stunning boutique hotel built into the hillside. The nearest waters are rich in fishes specimen, and we have s funny fishing in the sportfishing charter.


Fishing Charter Tour Arrival

Once finished the snorkeling tour, we have the options to have dinner at the local restaurant or head back to the boat for a meal. For to be honest, I wasn’t very sure about this fishing trip because I’m not an experimented angler and Los Cabos sounds like the big league. The captain not just navigate the fishing charter, also recommended us places for rest, fishing, snorkeling or swimming. And the most value for me was the fishing lessons, I have had practice before, but their help service me the double.


Marlin and Wahoo Fishing

Today was a very good day for my fishing line, the including bait it was so good for the Wahoo’s and Marlins. I understand why Cabo city is called “Marlin Capital of the World”. It’s ridiculous how many of them are here. But the star at the night,  it’s the swordfish. They appear near the sportfishing charter, just among in the sunset and the first hours of the night. At the end of the dinner, we spend a while laying out on the boat, enjoying the night sky illuminated with stars.

Day 3: Maybe I can Catch One last Fish

We have known experienced stunning sunsets in 3 different areas of Baja, but it’s time to return home. On the way back to Cabo, I see if I can bag one more fish. I want to either bring home and maybe share with some friends on land. I was the lucky to take my fishing charter rents during whale season. Furthermore, I can see several passing pods throughout the trip. Something really majestic, particularly when they jump into the sunset near the arch.


I’m very glad about this trip, I was taking incredible pictures, ate delicious meal, I was fight with different fishes,  and I lived like a truly marine. There is something really cool about getting on a fishing rental charter, and no schedule that’s set-in stone. And with the extra time on the water, our crew is able to fish differently and more effectively.