Fishing in Cabo San Lucas, Cabo Fishing Charters

Is this your first time to go Sportfishing on a fishing rental charter in Cabo San Lucas? Or do you already have an experience in Sportfishing and participate in fishing tournaments like Bisbees in Cabo San Lucas? You don’t have experience at all, and you just like deep-sea fishing? Really, it doesn’t matter what your level or your experience. The mission at Yacht. Rentals are taken you on a deep sea fishing tour in our fully equipped fishing rental charters for all the levels.

Deep Sea Sport Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

In case this is your first time you go deep sea fishing? Our guides will be your best marlin fishing teachers, and we also know Los Cabos Bay very well. We will take you to the best marlin fishing spots in Cabo San Lucas. Yacht.Rentals offers you options from simple rental charters for “small fishing groups” to more stable and luxurious fishing rent charters. In Yacht.Rentals Cabo, we have fishing rent charters of all sizes and models to meet the needs of all of our customers. You can choose between half-day fishing trips of 5 hours, up to full-day fishing tours of 8 hours and more.

Marlin Sport Fishing Techniques

Sport fishing on a rental fishing charter, like any sport, requires mastery of one or more techniques and strategies to carry it out. Efforts have even been made to make these sports part of the Olympic Games. The objective of the fisherman is to bring the best specimen with the largest dimensions, and heaviest weight to win. But in many tournaments, the winner is decided by who catches the heaviest fish, which is the case in Bisbee’s Black & Blue. Bisbees Tournament is focused on the Blue Marlin and Black Marlin, which is abundant in the City of Cabo San Lucas.

Why Deep Sea Marlin Fishing in Cabo?

The waters of the southern region of the peninsula of Mexico are the homes of the most precious species in the field of sport fishing rental charter. Some fish have high seasons and low seasons, but not the Marlin. It doesn’t matter when you want to catch a Blue Marlin. They are waiting for you to catch them.

As well as, we have to remember in the Cortez Sea, the Marlin is considered one of the most coveted ocean fishing trophies, they are loners and are considered quite aggressive. Marlin has a stormy temperament that makes fishing very difficult and exhausting.

Marlin Sport Fishing in Cabo San Lucas
Marlin Sport Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Adrenaline Marlin Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

The marlin deep sea sport fishing on a rental charter is a difficult opponent because the marlin is a very smart and very fast fish. The marlin can swim very fast and jump out of the water, reaching great heights. He goes down under again and swimming to great depths in no time. The Marlin is a highly sought-after fishing trophy, thanks to its beautiful dark blue back and silver and white belly. Even when you have caught it on your hook, their ability to lose them is very high.

The “Los Cabos Offshore” can’t be called the “Baby Bisbee” any longer … it’s all grown up!

Marlin Fishing in Los Cabos

Wayne Bisbee

The marlin can grow to incredible sizes, especially the female blue marlin. The female marlin can grow in bigger size than the male marlin and can have weights reaching over 1,000 pounds. However, for the blue marlin itself, the size is not a problem at all, because they can reach swimming speeds up to 62 miles per hour. In fact, the local sport in Los Cabos is the fishing; and the more intelligent is rental a fishing charter with an expert crew for the sportfishing. The fishermen sail to the Pacific Ocean only to capture a specimen and have a tough battle with it. Imagine how it feels catching a 1000 pounds blue marlin. The fishing tour is truly a true fisherman.

Cabo Express Fishing Charter in Cabo San Lucas
Cabo Express Fishing Charter in Cabo San Lucas

Rent a Fishing Charters in Cabo San Lucas for Sportfishing

In case you are a fishing apprentice, it is not an issue to go deep sea fishing in Cabo San Lucas. You just need excellent fishing equipment, as well as the right crew, and of course the right fishing rental charter. When you rent a fishing charter, you are almost 100% guaranteed to catch a marlin the day of the rent. We have professionals that can teach you how to catch the Marlin, and help you when a marlin gets caught on your hook.

With guaranteed fishing, fishing time doesn’t matter. Together with us, are working captains highly trained in all our fishing rental charters at hand to take you to the most productive sites for a full marlin fishing day. You will enjoy a full marlin and unforgettable fishing experience for sure.