Los Cabos, World Capital of Fishing Tournaments

Tourists of the entire globe are gathered together in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos to rent fishing charters for the famous Sport fishing tournament of the Blue Marlin. Specimens like the Marlin and other varieties of specimen assigned to the sport fishing tournaments will be caught each year by professional and rookie deep sea sport fishermen. Los Cabos City is always full of energetic and positive crowd and are agile to competitiveness to rent fishing charters and sail off to catch the gran loot. This thanks to the Sportfishing fishing charters events that are carried out around the year and the most important Fishing Tournaments of the world.

Fishing Tournaments Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabos Billfish Tournament

Last October 2021 the authorities of Cabo San Lucas gave the start sign of the BillFish tournament. This event brought together more than 55 participants and a prize pool of more than 700 thousand dollars. The winner at of great loot, which was a black marlin of 554lbs caught in the morning. This kind of opening happens each year, since the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament is in fact the tournament that starts with the fishing tournament season in October. Participants from all over the world rent the best fishing charters and fishing boats. Including a well-trained and high professional crew prepared to do everything to find the biggest fish and face the incredible force nature provides.

The fishermen can catch a big variety of specimen during the Sportfishing Tournament. On their rented fishing charter and fishing boats in the blue waters of Los Cabos they can catch marlin, sailfish, tuna, wahoo and dorado. The winner of this tournament receives the highest honor in the sport fishing world according to the points per pound of the prey. In addition, you can expect the welcoming atmosphere, quality sponsors, big prize ion cash and smooth operations with the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament.

Every year, Cabo San Lucas hosts more than six of the largest and richest fishing tournaments in the world. Additionally, the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament is a Qualifying Event for the Costa Offshore World Championship. This event is the entry door at others sportfishing events like the Bisbee Black and Blue Tournament. Yacht.Rentals has the most powerful fishing rental charters in company of a specialist crew for the sport fishing Tournaments in Los Cabos.


Stars & Stripes Tournament

This Fishing Tournament in Cabo San Lucas started in 1996 by Dick Gebhard, member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County. He wanted to create a fundraiser unlike any other and share the Sportfishing of Los Cabos with the Pacific Coast. This popular event has raised and donated more than $36 million to youth charities over the course of its 23-year history. The tournament has grown to include children’s charities based in Southern California and Mexico.

Stars and Stripes seeks to be an effective charity fundraiser which creates lasting memories for organizations participating in the event each year. When you participate in the Stars & Stripes Tournament in Cabo San Lucas, you must have a qualified fishing charter together with a professional team. This includes high qualified crew members, which changes the tide in your favor.


Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot

In Cabo San Lucas, the fishing of Marlin it’s the start. In November, Yacht.Rentals prepares the best Sportfishing Rental Charters and fishing boat for the Western Outdoor News (WON) Tuna Jackpot Fishing Tournament. Considered the most important and lucrative Tuna tournament in the world. The tournament starts with the currents that bring the Yellow Fin Tuna, the largest species of Tuna in the sportfishing world.

Actually, the rules and strategies of all the tournaments of high levels are still changing for adaption to the new requirements of healthy. The safety, it’s principal for a strong competition in Cabo San Lucas. In consequence, and just like we can see in the Tournaments at 2021, Cabo was transforming. The new way Sportfishing Rent Charter it’s completely hygienic and secure for the crew and the fishermen, guarantee the sport feeling in Los Cabos, BCS.


Bisbee’s East Cape

In 2020, the Bisbee’s East Cape has converted in one of the biggest fishing on rental charters in world. Thanks to some details that change in the last years. Bisbee’s East Cape became part of the Bisbee’s series in being a million-dollar tournament. This achievement occurred in the midst of the 2020 economic crisis. Thanks to the efforts of the team and all the participants. The East Cape Bisbee broke all the fishing charters records at the year with the standard for safety. In addition, now all 3 Bisbee’s tournaments have million-dollar prices, with ciphers submit each year. All this happening during a global pandemic.

The most rewarding thing about this tournament is the triumph for all. You can explore and discover one of Mexico’s most luxury resort destinations: Los Cabos San Lucas. Enjoying the calm and warm waters of the Sea of Cortez when mixed with the cool currents of the Pacific Ocean. And savor the conquest from the men over the fishes (catch and release). A real successful day for the Sportfishing on board at fishing rental charter.


Los Cabos Offshore

It’s the biggest second tournament for the fishermen on board of a fishing charter. The called “Marlin Capital of the World” it’s ready for rent, the better sportfishing charters for tournaments. This could be seen in the 41st edition of Los Cabos Offshore, where participated 187 sportfishing charter rentals. Bisbee’s Offshore Tournament nicknamed the “Little Bisbee’s” was planning and usually has fewer teams than Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournament.

This year, though, there were an amazing 187 Fishing Rental Charters participating, making it the biggest “little Bisbee’s” in history. Also, such many teams meaning a trophy largest for the fishing charter too, $1.96 Million Dollars total. This tournament provides ta 4-man team 2 full days of fishing in hopes of securing some substantial prizes offered by the event organizers.


Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournament

This is the biggest and incredible tournament, as know like the fishing tournament richest in the world. With prizes over there of the 4 million dollars and the specimens heaviest from blue and black marlin. All the sportfishing lovers have to participate at less once in the life. Cabo San Lucas offer the best event stage for the sportfishing on rental charter with worldwide recognition.

The start official is in October, where you can find more than 200 fishing charters. Also, anglers from around the world searching the big prize of one million, 134 thousand dollars. You have to show your abilities and rent your sportfishing charter to catch one most exotic spice than you can find in Cabo San Lucas.