2020 Bisbee Tournament Series Cabo San Lucas Boasts $7,206,350 in Jackpots

Bisbee Tournament Series 2020 Boasts $7,206,350 in Jackpots

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico

The Bisbee tournament series Cabo San Lucas closed their 2020 season with the expected 40th anniversary of the Bisbee Black & Blue by wrapping up their three-tournament series. First, the East Cape Offshore, second the Los Cabos Offshore, and third the Bisbee Black & Blue. Every one of these events set new attendance and prize money records, despite the health protocols enforced in both East Cape and Cabo San Lucas.

Black & Blue Marlin Sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas

Underscoring, once again, their dominance in the high stakes’ world of Sportfishing and their place in the richest tournament series in the world! The recently-completed Black & Blue, the richest billfish tournament in the world, ended on October 24, attracting 127 teams and 883 fishermen who competed for a total payout of $4,649,350 million.

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The Los Cabos Offshore tournament crushed both their past attendance record and their total amount of payout, awarding eight of the 128 participating teams and 769 fishermen from around the world $1,457,000, breaking the astonishing $1 million plateau for the second year in a row!

Tournaments are about more than fishing. They are occasions when we can return to the normality that we have come to cherish in recent times.

Wayne Bisbee

Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore

From around the world, 72-teams came to compete in Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore three-day event on the fertile Sea of Cortez for a record jackpot of over $1,100,000, breaking three of its records. The Bisbee’s Organization began the 2020 Season with the event’s largest turnout, the first time the prize money cracked the million-dollar mark, and the largest blue marlin ever caught in the 21-year history of the East Cape Offshore, a 704-pound blue marlin.

A Million Dollar Sport Fishing Events

Among the 10 tournaments from around the world hosting A Million Dollar Sport Fishing Events annually, the Bisbee Family Tournaments hosts three of them! Led by Wayne Bisbee and his sister, Tricia Bisbee, the Bisbee’s continue to make their mark in the world of Big Money Sportfishing events.

These tournaments are the results of a remarkable achievement. Founder Bob Bisbee and friends could not have imagined when they first ventured down the rugged Mexicans coastline looking for a good time billfishing with a small flotilla of Southern California sport fishers 40 years ago!