The Best Cabo Fishing Charters – Catching Sailfish & Swordfish

Sailfish and Swordfish are two of the most awe-inspiring fish you’ll ever see, just catchable in the best Cabo fishing charters. Widely recognized as apex predators, the two Billfish are prized game species for professional deep sea fishing in Cabo. With lean, muscular bodies and long, prominent bills, these marine big shots can look pretty similar. In the emotion at the fishing moment frequently is confused, What are the difference between the Sailfish and Swordfish? Here show you.


Deep sea Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Sailfish and Swordfish are fairly widespread species, native to temperate waters of the Pacific Ocean. They’re both pelagic fish, meaning that they swim throughout the water column, but almost never at the bottom of the sea. And while Sailfish keep to waters between 70 °F and 83 °F, Swordfish tolerate a much wider range of temperatures.  You can find them on your fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas waters ranging anywhere between 41 °F and 81 °F. Compared to Sailfish, Swordfish don’t just tolerate colder waters, they swim in much deeper parts of the sea, too. While Sailfish can navigate waters up to 660 feet deep, Swordfish regularly dive to depths of 1,800 feet.

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Swordfish are solitary fish, mostly keeping to themselves. Unlike most fish, they like to hunt at night. This is why, up until a decade or so ago, anglers almost exclusively went after Swords after nightfall. However, in recent years, thrill-seeking anglers discovered that daytime sword fishing can be just as productive with the best Cabo Fishing charters. Sailfish too are mostly solitary fish, but they’re not absolute loners like their cousins. When searching for prey, sails will often “school-up” to hunt together. Their “herding” tactics are nothing short of ingenious. Using bumping and slashing motions, Sailfish use their sharp bills to direct schools of prey. Even more impressive, they shift their colors to communicate their intentions, thus coordinating their attack with surgical precision. And that’s not all. A sail is lightning fast, too. Widely considered as the fastest fish in the ocean, these fishes can in at an astounding 68 miles per hour.

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Despite their similar looks, Sailfish and Swordfish boast a few distinct physical differences.


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Swordfish are a lot bigger than Sailfish, and this is one of the main differences between the two. Also, while the body of a Swordfish is usually cylindrical, the body of a Sailfish is laterally compressed. Sailfish typically grow to 120 inches in length (counting the bill). A Swordfish, on the other hand, will easily top 130 inches. Compared to Sailfish, they’re a lot bulkier, too. This allows them to easily reach sizes of 220 pounds or more.


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Sailfish boast a long dorsal fin that runs almost the entire length of their frame. When extended, the fin becomes wider than the entire body, forming what looks like a sail (hence the name). The dorsal fin on a Swordfish, however, is a slim, crescent-shaped appendage, which never changes its shape.

How to Catch Them: The best Cabo Fishing Charters


Sailfish often come close to the surface of the water, which makes them a perfect target on the best Cabo fishing charters. They are an amazing light tackle catch, frequently awarding your efforts with spectacular aerial acrobatics. For Swordfish, deepwater drifting with natural bait is the way to go in the best Cabo fishing charters. Most anglers still target Swordfish at night, but as we mentioned, daytime fishing can be just as productive. Sailfish and Swordfish are two incredible Billfish, each fascinating in their own way.