Spring Fishing Season on a Cabo Charter Fishing

The Los Cabos region at the tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula turn on a Spring Fishing Season on Cabo Charter Fishing. As like a sport fishing shrine, the draws worshipful anglers from all over the world. The famed tourist destination that includes Cabo San Lucas has easy access to the merger of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez. Likewise, East Cape region a few miles north on the southeastern shores of Baja, the charter fishing waiting the spring.

These waters harbor an incredible wealth of marine life, including some of the most search fishing prey. Such as billfish, mahi and wahoo in the blue offshore waters to rooster fish and grouper inshore. Those are some angling opportunities you’ll find around the charter fishing in Los Cabos in spring.

Other Targets

Rooster fish & others fishes to see on Spring Fishing Season on Cabo


Rooster fish regularly behave like the striped marlin, feeding on the surface, a thing that you can see in your yacht charter. Even so rooster fish don’t show themselves at the surface, exist effective techniques for finding them near boat charter. Other offshore game fish such as Pacific jack crevalle and sierra mackerel join in on the near-shore feeding frenzies. Both of these species eagerly bite anything moving.


Striped marlin might grab most of the deep-sea fishing attention, but there are many other spring angling opportunities in this region. For example, the dorado, yellow fin tuna and wahoo, often found in the same offshore waters. Close to the sandy beaches of the Sea of Cortez, you can discover in your Cabo boat rental the anglers. In fact, deep sea fishing anglers and not so experimented anglers also can target rooster fish.

Sailfish & others fishes to see on Spring Fishing Season on Cabo


Sailfish is named for its sail-like dorsal fin and is considered the fastest fish in the ocean, clocking in at speeds of 70 mph. This species is a highly sought-after game fish that is easily recognized by its long upper jaw. So that it uses as a spear to strike and stun larger prey, such as large bony fish and cephalopods.

Sailfish has a great ability to fight in the air as well as in the water. It is almost twice the size of the Atlantic Sailfish, reaching 10 feet in length and 200 pounds in weight, an awesome show to see at a private yacht charter. The deep sea fishing in Los Cabos also include species like yellow fin tuna, cabrilla and pargo. Certainly, fish can find along rocky areas of the coastline, are delicious.