Fishing in Los Cabos

At the south of the Mexican, it’s the Los Cabos City, one of the best places for renting a fishing charter for Deep Sea Sportfishing in Los Cabos. The best thing about Cabo is that it’s open throughout the whole year for deep sea fishing. This mean that you can go to fishing when you want, thanks to the fishes’ migration season. The principal attraction is not just the famous Black & Blue Marlin Tournament. The deep sea of Cabo, guarantee a lot of other secrets as well, starting with many mysterious specimens.

You can experiment the adventure trying to find all the kind of fishes for the coast in your Fishing Rental Charter. The marine fauna is a true pirate treasure, where you can see sailfish, wahoo, dorado, roosterfish, jack and the red snapper. In fact, you can organize a sportfishing rental charter trip for your family or friends and stay all the on deep sea fishing all day.

For your favorite day fishing in Los Cabos, Yacht.Rentals has prepared for you the most impressionist packages on board at the Fishing Charter Rentals. Something that newbies as experts fishermen has in common, it’s the passion for having a hard fight against a sea beast. The most popular than you can find in Cabo San Lucas resume in two fishes.

Black & Blue Marlin


The Blue Marlin Fishing it is one of the most popular today, and for a good reason. Some professional fishman’s considerate the Blue Marlin Fishing like the pinnacle of deep-sea fishing, thanks to the size of some specimens. They have a big potential for a spectacular fighting. This ability is very appreciated for the sportfishing fishing charters. This type of fish has great potential to obtain large sizes, especially the female, which can weigh up to 1,000 pounds. Although for they, the size is not a problem, because they can reach the 62 mi/h swim.

So, the Blue Marlin is fast and strong, but he can also be a great fighter. They combine fast swims with jumps to get off the fishing line. In additional, the sport fishing don’t put the ecosystem in danger, but we recommend not to abuse the capture. Yacht. Rentals has the cooperation of experimented captains in the fishing charters rentals. Who help you to practice the prominent Catch and Release Sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas.

Marlin has an elongated body, a long dorsal fin, and a round spear like snout in the front. There are many types of Marlin fishes in Cabo San Lucas, including the four most popular ones. The blue, black, striped, and white marlins. They are preferred for professional fishermen in their fishing trip on a rental charter.




Tuna are truly international fishes and Yacht. Rentals recognize the pretty that two types in special. The Tuna bluefin and the Yellowfin. For one side the Tuna bluefin can find at both at the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. For the other side, the Yelowfin dwells in open waters of tropical seas, like the Sea of Cortez in Cabo San Lucas. The tuna has a bullet shaped what allows it to swim at speed of 43.4 mi/h

The tuna has a hydrodynamic fish body with the yellow or silver belly and adorned with 20 vertical lines. That’s convert in the best fishing for the sportfishing season as well as the Sportfishing Tournaments in rental charter. One of the principal characteristics that gives it its name is the coloring in the edge of fins and the dorsal fin. Both of them are painted of a beautiful shining yellow tone that make seems golden at the summer sun.

But the most important are the muscle, inasmuch as the Tuna bluefin and the Yellowfin can swim 45 mi/h. This helps it in the migration seasons and converted the tuna in a gastronomic delight. As well as a strong competitor that compares with the Blue Marlin. When you rent a Sportfishing Charter, you can be sure that are obtained the fight of your life.