Fishing Charters in Cabo San Lucas Tuna Fishing

One of the most fun and extremely exciting fishing is that of tuna fishing in Cabo San Lucas. In the of the Sea of ​​Cortez, you can find from the small and peeling skip jack to the powerful yellow fin tuna (Thunnus albacares). Something useful in your next outings are the fishing techniques and general information.


Fishing Charters in Cabo for find Tuna Yellow Tail 

Tuna is a pelagic that moves in large schools in search of bait, they. Also are extremely voracious and are always on the move, their hydrodynamic body similar to an American football. Their body is designed to reach high speeds, its prey is very varied. As sardines of all sizes, mackerel, smooth, cooks, flying fish, squid and many more.

In the case of yellow fin tuna, it has a life span of approximately 8 years, and they can weigh more than 300 pounds. They are incessant predators, but they are also preyed upon by the largest pelagic such as marlins, not to say the tuna fishing in Cabo San Lucas.


Tuna is a migratory species; this is why you just can fish it in seasons in many areas of this country.  However, some places attract bait, like in very steep drops of the seabed near the coast. One example and the favorite destine are the fishing charter in Cabo San Lucas. On many occasions, schools of tuna accompany the dolphins, for this reason, the Cabo boats rental usually look for them.

Boat Rental for Deep Sea Fishing Yellow fin Tuna

Excite many sports techniques for tuna fishing ranging from the use of artificial lures, live or dead bait, troledo, adrift, fixed, deep to name a few. Additionally, you need very good quality equipment, great line capacity and the necessary strength to be able to move at high speeds. When captured, they have a tendency to dive deep. But don’t worry, taking a fishing charter in Cabo San Lucas, you have the sure Cabo San Lucas tuna fishing.


Deep sea Fishing Charters with the Lures 

Lures can be used alone or in combination with dead bait such. The placement pattern of the lures is very important, since they can be placed in the water from 4 to 8 units at a time. Often the desired effect is a scale of bait that travels together. On many occasions you can have multiple attacks and hooks, so it is preferable to use teams to fight.


Rent a Fishing Charter and have a fight with a Yellow fin Tuna

Under the right conditions used live bait as an attractant. It becomes a lethal technique for tuna and above all for the exciting fishermen on a yacht charter in Cabo San Lucas. Armed with state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed for this type of fishing charter in Cabo.

Large tuna eat deep sea, this is when we should use heavy equipment, such as 130 pound lines, or 400 pound leaders. A battle with one of these giants can last from 2 to 4 hours. This is why we recommended a deep sea fishing charter in Cabo San Lucas specialized in the sport fishing. If we have a pond with water in our rental boat, a large part of the use of live bait represents a fishing guarantee.