Deep Sea Fishing in Cabo, Treatment of Catches

The most important for truly anglers is the sport and the passion, for this reason it’s high important the preservation of the deep sea fishing in Cabo. The truth is, these fish are the very best of sport fishing. And that’s why thousands of anglers make the effort to get them, year after year. Billfish are strong, acrobatic, lean, fast, and difficult to catch. Here is when appears the necessary of catch & release on the deep sea fishing charters.

Deep Sea Fishing in Cabo for First Time


Treat your capture gently, reducing the time of the fight to the minimum possible. We must take them out, avoid hitting it against the Cabo fishing charter, as injuries or internal blows can be fatal.

Catching a Big Fish

You have to handle it as little as possible, trying to moisten our hands before touching it. This helps to avoid damaging the mucous layer that covers it, since it protects it against infections, and if we damage it.

For this reason, we must learn to grasp it correctly: from the lower lip, and if possible from this only place. If it is very large, we can also take it from the lower part of the tail. In addition, we have to take in mind to avoid touching it from the body as much as possible. Also, we must make sure that not many people on the yacht rental touch it. This for protecting the marine life of deep sea fishing in Cabo.


Deep Sea Fishing in Cabo – Catch & Release

Always try to keep your hooks in good condition, This why a rusty hook is potentially harmful to our friend. Even if we have released him, he may get sick or even die from an infection in the wound. Another important factor is that if we practice the Catch & Release, we must fish with unbarred hooks. These have the peculiarity that they injure much less the tissues of the fish. Unlike the hooks that preserve the barb and their use, makes it easier for us to unhook our fish.

Contrary to typically thought, use of a debarred hook does not increase the risk of the fish escaping. As long as we try to keep the line taut in the same way as we would with a barbed hook. When a fish gets hooked from very deep parts of its digestive tract, we should cut the line and leave the hook. On this way, we do less damage than if we tried to remove it from Cabo fishing charter.

Recuperating the Catch

It’s preferably recovered it with a hand net or take at the fish for the snout using the lower lip. This immobilizes it and makes it easier for us to untangle it on board at the cabo yacht charter.


Deep Sea Fishing in Cabo – Never to do

Never take your catch for the gills, since these are very fragile, they bleed easily and weaken it. Sometimes the hook get caught in the gills, and produce bleeding, in these circumstances do not release it until it has stopped to bleed. Keeping it in onboard the deep sea fishing charter for a few minutes to give it a chance to recover.


Your Yacht Charter in Cabo Cares The Creatures

When returning it, never throw it away, better deposit it gently in the water, since the blows harm it a lot. The correct way to return it is to open its snout, grabbing its head and tail, and deposit it slowly. The water will run between the gills, and oxygenate it. When this has happened, let it go from the fishing charter. This is mainly valid when a very long fight has been fought. Also depends on according to the species treat

The Yacht Charter will See you Later

When releasing the catch, it should be placed belly up in the water to be able to unhook. Most fish behave more relaxed in that position. When a large catch is released, it is important to oxygenate it and put its mouth in the direction of the current. When the billfish feels ready, it can navigate by itself again.