Deep sea Fishing Charters for Sail Fishing & Marlin

In the world of the Deep sea fishing charters, exist a lot of reality, like the Sailfish and the Marlin. These mighty fish may seem similar, but in fact, they are quite different. Marlin and Sailfish are fish species that belong to the Billfish family. They are highly predatory species, among the fastest and fiercest in the entire ocean. Although some Billfish are supposed to be a delicacy, most of the time fishermen release them. The taste itself has never been the goal of anglers who chase these incredible creatures.

Deep sea Fishing Charter in Cabo


The most important for truly anglers is the sport and the passion, for this reason it’s high important the preservation of the specie. The truth is, these fish are the very best of sport fishing. And that’s why thousands of anglers make the effort to get them, year after year. Billfish are strong, acrobatic, lean, fast, and difficult to catch. Here is when appears the necessary of catch & release on the deep sea fishing charters.

Marlin and Sailfish species


Types of Marlin

Marlin come in four different shapes and sizes: Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin and White Marlin. Each of the subspecies has quirks of its own. The Blue Marlin are the largest, Black Marlin are the fastest, White Marlin are agile and elegant, and Striped Marlin are plain cool. These fascinating fish have a stellar reputation among anglers for their speed and force. If you want to prepare thoroughly for your next Billfish trip in your deep sea fishing charter in Cabo, this is for you.

Types of Sailfish

As for Sailfish, some say that there are two main subspecies: Pacific Sailfish and Atlantic Sailfish. Some authors claim that Atlantic specimens are on average smaller and brighter. Other authors recognize only one species, claiming that there are no significant differences in DNA, fin length, or dietary habits. That’s why you will more often find Sailfish as a single species.

Fishing Charters for Billfish and their Differences


Marlin and Sailfish might look quite similar, at least to the untrained eye. And though they inhabit similar waters and share a similar diet, these two species have a lot of differences:


For one, the shape of the dorsal (back) fin is nothing alike. Sailfish have bigger, sail-like fins (hence the name), while the dorsal fin of Marlin peaks at the front and gently slopes downward.


Sailfish and Marlin also behave differently. While Marlin are generally loners, Sailfish move and hunt together. Often times, when you hook one Sailfish on a deep sea fishing charter in Cabo, there are a lot more “sails” nearby. Sailfish are impressively coordinated when hunting. For this reason, many anglers find complications for has a good grip, however, a Cabo fishing charter special for the fishing always its helps.

Fishing Charter in Cabo and the Feeding Billfish

Sailfish prey on creatures that swim near the surface, such as squid, Mackerel, Jacks, smaller Tunas, and flying fish. It’s best to use the local bait fish that inhabit the waters of Cabo San Lucas for your fishing charter trip. As for Marlin, fresh Mackerel is your best shot when it comes to live bait. Marlin aren’t picky though, so you can also try some mid-size Mahi, Tunas, and Bone fish. There is no magic bait which make that the fishing charter cachets at the prey as if by magic. In other words, to catch billfish it’s vital to apt fisherman, which makes the deep sea fishing charter even more exciting.

On board a Yacht Rental, try to Fight with billfish


When it comes to action and durability, Marlin are second to none. They were made to tire you out and won’t stop even after several hours. However, Sailfish are neither weak nor feeble.  They do tire faster than Marlin, but won’t surrender easily. Be careful when attempting to reel in these beasts on your Cabo yacht rental.

You need to be fully focused to land them, or you risk a missed chance. Their bills can seriously harm you, and some anglers have even been pulled off into the water by the sheer brute force of these fish. They will give their best to free themselves by violently shaking their bodies, so watch out. Remember, don’t bring the fish near the Cabo boat charter before they tire them out.