Cabo Yacht Rental, The Culinary Destination 

The road to Cabo San Lucas is lined with wonderful beaches, score in Cabo yacht rental to find a culinary destination. The Mexico’s Secretariat of Tourism awards to places with natural, cultural or historical significance. One of them is the designation called “magical town”, like Cabo San Lucas.


Enjoy a Chef Service in a Cabo Yacht Rental

With our Cabo boat charter chef on board services, you and your guests will enjoy freshly prepared meals with quality ingredients. However, our chefs work in your private yacht in Cabo San Lucas. They‘re creating personalized meals for you and your family, friends, clients, or anyone you’re looking to impress with a dining experience. There in the comfort of your vacations on yacht charter in Cabo our professional chefs will have you and your guests eating marvelous.


We place our chefs specifically with each group after getting a feel for what type of cuisine our guests enjoy. This why each chef has an experience in any of different cooking styles. Our chefs are adept at catering to your preferences and can create amazing meals. All ingredients are hand-selected exclusively for the chef to ensure freshness and a high-quality.

Your Cabo Yacht Rental & Additional Services

After all, you can rent a Cabo private boat with an international chef for the day, the weekend or longer. Additionally, you can complement the service with a butler, waiter or bartender staff. After all, a private chef makes the perfect gift for an anniversary, birthday or wedding. Have a wonderful Summer vacation where you too can enjoy the fun, no mess, no fuss, no work for you. Our staff works while you enjoy your special occasion and will demonstrate cooking techniques if desired. Take a yacht rental in Los Cabos and live an incredible culinary experience.


Enjoy a gourmet meal with your personal chef on board your private yacht in Cabo San Lucas. While you enjoy the summer on a private boat charter. Even you can rent a fishing charter to suit your needs, including custom meal services. In case you want to have an unforgettable evening with your family and friends on a luxury yacht rental in Cabo. Definitely, the recommendation is testing the flavors of real Mexican dishes and International cuisine.

Cabo Yacht Rental & the Culinary Awards

Culinary Awards is an extremely valuable, event, with each edition having its gastronomic proposals presented through social networks. Cabo has presented an outstanding growth in gastronomic. At the present time, there is an interesting mix offered in restaurants with Southern California cuisine. The objective of this event was to showcase to the world what Los Cabos has to offer in gastronomic excellence. The one-of-a-kind event not only pleases the palate. Also features the best private chefs on board a yacht rental in Los Cabos.


Similarly, some chefs enjoy great success with their unique sea-to-table gastronomic offerings. In fact, this is the place to be to truly taste the soul of the Baja California Sur. In fact, the foodies will flock to get their hands on some of the finest foods and drinks available in the Los Cabos region.