The Best of Baja, Los Cabos

The best things to do in Baja is in Los Cabos. Most major airlines offer direct service to San José del Cabo Airport. From there, it’s a one-hour drive to Cabo San Lucas, which arrange private transfers in a luxury car.

The Best Saintly Paradise in Baja, Los Cabos

The Jesuits knew a miracle (water in the desert) when they saw one. No wonder they stayed, founded a mission in 1723, and named the place Todos Santos, or All Saints. The high peaks of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains catch the rare but torrential annual rainfall and capture the runoff in a vast aquifer under the valley sand. That aquifer once supplied sugarcane fields.


Now supports small family farms growing organic produce, to them around the empty desert and the broad, Pacific-pounded beaches often in Cabo San Lucas. It’s a paradise that has lured expats, especially artists, to revive a historic district of colonial haciendas and sugar warehouses. Most of them with galleries, boutiques, and an increasingly savvy restaurant scene.

The early 2021 opening of Cabo on the outskirts of town, was planned at the margin between beach and desert. With its modernist aesthetic and the high-voltage work in its kitchen, it heralds a new and very cool era for a long-beloved hideaway. Rent your private yacht in Los Cabos for discovering this magnificent earth.


Where to Stay

In Cabo San Lucas and Jose San Jose del Cabo are suites and hotels for any budget, concept or idea. In any case, don’t forget to visit the garden or the sky suites, with sweeping triangular nets suspended for stargazing. A floor of cushions and nubby textiles softened the rooms. Screenless windows open to sweeping views of desert or farmland at Los Cabos.


Admire all these while the swimming pool offers an infinity desert vista. Within the walls, a serene, low-water botanical garden and an oasis-like stream offer shade, places to congregate, and hideaways for the hotel’s spa program. And of course, there’s the house restaurant in the open-air heart of Cabo, a destination within the destination that’s not to be missed. That notion dovetails exquisitely with this beautiful corner of a beautiful country. Whether, I’m parked at the Cabo´s bar, hoping to be adopted into a kitchen family at Barracuda.


Or maybe returning over and over to the taco joints of Los Cabos. Baja is a wellspring of my favorite food. This touristic place has with the most exclusive resorts at Mexico. This one also attracts lovers of sybaritic life. Baja has confirmed the proposal from a resort most sophisticated in Mexico. According to the global authority on consumer ranking and advice, US News & World Report, who recently released his list from the Best Hotels in Los Cabos