Take care of the whales from yacht rental in Los Cabos

Since the land to sea, you can’t forget to take care of the whales in a yacht rental in Los Cabos. The sea is a perfect place to start your adventure in your own private yacht. In the region of Los Cabos, at the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula, the yacht charter in Cabo San Lucas is the perfect activity. This, because in Cabo are over 350 days of sunshine a year. However, not all this one is luxury yacht rental. While Cabo San Lucas is popular for its bustling nightlife, you can definitely get back to nature and discover the sublime beauty.


A whale of a tale

Whale season in the waters of southern Baja California is from December to April. With luck, you’ll see what we experienced on our whale watching excursion. All of a sudden, a pod of whales started to put on a magnificent show right in front of our eyes!


Remember take a boat rental with an experimented local captain than know the zone and the whale’s rout. You can also ask for the birth season. Thanks to the weather from Los Cabos, the whales feeling safe in the Baja´s coast for having their babies.

Plastics against the whales

One of the greatest threats to our oceans and the marine life that lives there are microplastics. Our lives are filled with plastics, from disposable silverware and straws to grocery bags. When we dispose of these plastic items, microparticles of plastic make their way to the ocean, where they are eaten by whales and other marine life, including fish we eat.


What to do to take care of the whales in your Cabo day trip?

Not to mention the ocean protection for the whales in the tour. For our yachts in Cabo San Lucas, the most important is the well-being and protection of whales. We practice the responsible whale watching. Often, when the visitors are very close to them, the whales usually stress, damaging the reproduction system. When you charter a yacht in Cabo San Lucas, you can be sure that we’re keeping a safe distance away from the whales. Whales are amazing, peaceful creatures and a significant part of our planet and ecosystem. We all have a responsibility to protect the whales and their environment, regardless of where we live. Keeping whales safe from extinction begins with keeping their ocean home clean. 


Eating microplastics can have a detrimental effect on the health and wellbeing of whales. If you want to make the world a friendlier place for these beautiful marine animals. Reduce the number of disposable plastics you use. Every little effort will make a difference.

It’s primordial than after to take these cares, you animate with the results. Charter a yacht in Cabo San Lucas to watch the whales born.